Dr. Olivier ADAM


Université Paris Sud, bat.446
91405 Orsay cedex


Research Interest

My main focus are signal processing and pattern recognition applied to Bioacoustic applications. I'm working on detection and localization of marine mammals using passive acoustics. My research project consists to analyse the sound emitted by cetaceans, especially sperm whales, blue whales and recently humpback whales. These studies are based on the segmentation of recordings and on the extraction of the pertinent information for characterizing the species or the individuals.

Current Projects & Collaborations

- Antarctic Blue whales and Pigmy blue whales detection using passive acoustics.
F. Samaran, Univ. La Rochelle

Analysis of acoustic recordings from Indian Ocean and Southern Ocean reveals low frequency with high intensity calls produced by two blue whale subspecies.

- Acoustics observatory for cetaceans detection
H. Glotin, LSIS, Université de Toulon

Cetaceans are present in the Mediterranean Sea. The visual observations could be completed by acoustics observations. This project is to develop an autonomous system for real-time detection of sounds emitted by cetaceans in the Occidental Mediterranean Sea.

- Segmentation and classification of the sound units in the Humpback whales songs
P. White, F. Pace, ISVR, University of Southampton, UK
H. Glotin, LSIS UMR CNRS 6168, Unversity of Toulon, France
F-X. Meyer, Association CetaMada, Ile Ste Marie, Madagascar

We will rely on the most powerful and the most recent methods and algorithms used in speech processing. The objective is two-fold; it is first a question of indexing the various sound units of the whales present in the area of Madagascar. It is also a question of seeing whether it is possible to use the characteristics of these sounds to identify a speaker (an individual or a group).


Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris.
Signal processing, artificial neural network, electronics

Some Selected Publications

O. Adam, D. Cazau, N. Gandilhon, B. Fabre, J. T., Laitman, and J. S. Reidenberg, New acoustic model for humpback whale sound production, Applied Acoustics, 74(10): 1182–1190, 2013

F. Samaran, N. Gandilhon, R. Prieto Gonzalez, F. Pace, A. Kennedy, and O. Adam Passive hydro-acoustics for cetacean census and localisation, Sensors for ecology, Towards integrated knowledge of ecosystems, CNRS Paris, ISBN: 978-2-9541683-0-2, 63-82, 2012

R. Prieto Gonzalez, M.C. Valsero Balnco, F. Samaran, O. Adam, Comparacion de métodos de estimacion de poblacion de Ballena Azul del océano Antarticomediante un modelo espacio-temporal de Poisson, Revista del XXXII Congreso Nacional de Estadistica e Investigacion Operativa, SEIO 2010. Orbigraf, s.l. ISBN: 978-84-693-6152-8, 11 pages, 2010

N. Gandilhon, O. Adam, M. Louis, Using passive acoustics for marine mammal observations: multidisciplinary observatories, materials and software, International Review of Physics, 4(1), p. 20-28, 2010

F. Samaran, O. Adam, C. Guinet, Discovery of a mid-latitude sympatric area for two Southern Hemisphere blue whale sub-species, Endangered Species Research, 12, p. 157-165, 2010

G. Pavan, O. Adam, L. Thomas, Overview of the 4th International Workshop on Detection, Classification and Localization of Marine Mammals using Passive Acoustics and of the 1st International Workshop on Density Estimation of Marine Mammals Using Passive Acoustics, Applied Acoustics, éd. Elsevier, 11(71), p. 991-994, 2010

F. Samaran, O. Adam, C. Guinet, Detection range modeling of blue whale calls in Southwestern Indian Ocean, Applied Acoustics, éd. Elsevier, 11(71), p.1099-1106, 2010

F. Pace, F. Benard, H. Glotin, O. Adam, P. White, Subunit definition for humpback whale call classification, Applied Acoustics, éd. Elsevier, 11(71), p. 1107-1114, 2010

F. Samaran, O. Adam , J.F. Motsch, Y. Cansi, C. Guinet, Source level estimation of two blue whale subspecies in Southwestern Indian Ocean, Journal of the Acoustical Society of America (JASA), 127(6), p. 3800-3808, 2010
Humpback whales

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